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Updated August 1, 2002. ...

We've said it before and we'll say it again: There is no offseason.

And as we all know, the key to fielding a successful Fantasy football team is making sure you're the best-informed owner in your league. That's what the TFL Report is all about. Making sure you're that owner.

With that thought in mind, the following list will help you keep up with this year's free agent signing period.

Click here to learn more about the NFL's 2002 free agency policy. ...

For additional news and notes regarding the players listed below check out CNN/SI's BackPage, a weekly Fantasy column written by TFL Report editor Bob Harris. We also encourage you to access the TFL Report Headline News page for the most in-depth Fantasy-specific coverage available anywhere.

The Position-By-Position Breakdown. ...

Unless they were released with valid contracts, the following players became free agents on February 28. 2002, when their previous contracts officially expired. Players who were released with valid contracts can be identified by the release date that appears to the right of their name.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently available free agents appear in solid black type; players no longer on the market appear in lighter type. A small red arrow ( ) to the left of an entry indicates a transaction that has taken place in the last seven days. Length and terms of contract are added as details become available.

Select a position of interest from the choices below or scroll down the page to review the full list:

[ Quarterbacks ] [ Running Backs ] [ Wide Receivers ] [ Tight Ends ] [ Place-kickers ]


Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Brown, Travis (BUF) -- Re-signed w/Bills; $300K/1-yr.
Covington, Scott (CIN) -- Signed w/Bengals; $375K/1-yr.
Delhomme, Jake (NO) -- Re-signed w/Saints; terms undisclosed.
Dreisbach, Scott (DET) -- Re-signed w/Lions on 2/4; terms not disclosed.
Germaine, Joe (KC) -- Re-signed w/Chiefs on 2/11; $563K/1-yr.
Greisen, Chris (AZ) -- Re-signed w/Cardinals on 4/1; $563K/1-yr.
Huard, Brock (SEA) -- Re-signed w/Seahawks on 2/28; terms not disclosed.
Johnson, Doug (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons; $375K/1 yr.
Robinson, Roderick (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars on 4/7; terms undisclosed.
Stoerner, Clint (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/26; terms undisclosed.
Volek, Billy (TEN)
Wright, Anthony (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/25; terms undisclosed.

Unrestricted Free Agents
Banks, Tony (WAS)
Batch, Charlie (DET) -- Signed w/Stelers on 6/17; $525K/1-yr.
Blake, Jeff (NO) -- Signed w/Ravens on 4/24; $750K/1-yr.
Brown, Dave (AZ)
Chandler, Chris (ATL) -- Signed w/Bears on 4/12; $4.5M/3-yrs; $1.25M SB.
Craig, Dameyune (WAS) -- Released on 4/29.
Cunningham, Randall (BAL)
Dilfer, Trent (SEA) -- Re-signed w/Seahawks on 3/2; $8M/4-yrs; $4M SB.
Frerotte, Gus (DEN) -- Signed w/Bengals on 5/1; terms undisclosed.
Graham, Kent (WAS) -- Signed w/Texans on 4/5; $775K/1-yr.
Grbac, Elvis (BAL) -- Released on 3/1.
Garret, Jason (NYG) -- Released on 2/27.
Harbaugh, Jim (CAR) -- Hired as an assistant coach by the Raiders on 3/18.
Johnson, Rob (BUF) -- Signed w/Buccaneers on 3/9; $675K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Justin, Paul (STL)
Leaf, Ryan (DAL) -- Signed w/Seahawks on 5/21; $525K/1-yr.
Lytle, Matt (CAR) -- Released on 5/21.
Matthews, Shane (CHI) -- Signed w/Redskins on 4/29; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
Miller, Jim (CHI) -- Re-signed w/Bears on 3/1; $12M/5-yrs; $2M SB.
Mirer, Rick (SF) -- Signed w/Raiders on 3/23; terms undisclosed.
Mitchell, Scott (CIN)
Pederson, Doug (GB) -- Re-signed w/Packers on 4/2; $650K/1-yr.
Peete, Rodney (OAK) -- Signed w/Panthers on 3/28; $775K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Quinn, Jonathan (JAX) -- Signed w/Chiefs on 4/30; $1.35M/2-yrs.
Rypien, Mark (IND)
Van Pelt, Alex (BUF) -- Re-signed w/Bills on 1/29; $6M/5-yrs; $1.5M SB.

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Running Backs

Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Alexander, Dan (TEN) -- Re-signed w/Titans; $300K/1-yr.
Brigham, Marques (OAK)
Cason, Aveion (DET) -- Re-signed w/Lions; $300K/1-yr.
Coleman, Ka Ron (DEN) -- Re-signed w/Broncos; $375K/1-yr.
Droughns, Reuben (DET) -- Signed w/Broncos on 4/1; terms undisclosed.
Edwards, Brian (CHI)
Finn, James (IND) -- Re-signed w/Colts; $375K/1-yr.
Goodman, Herbert (GB) -- Re-signed w/Packers; $375K/1-yr.
Hoover, Brad (CAR)
Jenkins, Ronney (SD) -- Re-signed w/Chargers on 4/5; terms undisclosed.
Johnson, Bryan (WAS) -- Re-signed w/Redskins; $300K/1-yr.
Joseph, Elvis (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars on 4/7; $300K/1-yr.
Kreider, Dan (PIT) -- Re-signed w/Steelers on 4/2; $375K/1-yr.
Lewis, Jonas (SF) -- Re-signed w/49ers on 6/7; terms undisclosed.
Ricard, Alan (BAL)
Smith, Maurice (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons; $375K/1-yr.
Stecker, Aaron (TB) -- Re-signed w/Buccaneers; $375K/1-yr.
Stith, Shyrone (IND) -- Re-signed w/Colts on 2/13; terms not disclosed.
Washington, Damon (NYG) -- Re-signed w/Giants; $300K/1-yr.
Washington, Patrick (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars; $300K/1-yr.
White, Jamel (CLE) -- Re-signed w/Browns on 4/26; terms undisclosed.
White, Reggie (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars; $300K/1-yr.

Restricted Free Agents
Bryson, Shawn (BUF) -- Re-signed w/Bills; $563K/1-yr.
Denson, Autry (CHI)
Gary, Olandis (DEN) -- Re-signed w/Broncos; $563K/1-yr.
Hodgins, James (STL) -- Re-signed w/Rams on 4/19; $5.5M/5-yrs; $1.1M SB.
Irvin, Sedrick (DET)
Jackson, Terry (SF) -- Re-signed w/49ers; terms undisclosed.
Kirby, Charles (TB) -- Signed w/Bears on 4/29; terms undisclosed.
Mack, Stacey (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars on 5/8; $563K/1-yr.
Makovicka, Joel (AZ) -- Re-signed w/Cardinals; $563K/1-yr.
Martin, Cecil (PHI) -- Re-signed w/Eagles on 4/26; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
McKinley, Dennis (AZ) -- Re-signed w/Cardinals; $563K/1-yr.
Watson, Justin (STL)
Williams, Nick (CIN) -- Re-signed w/Bengals on 4/23; terms undisclosed.
Zereoue, Amos (PIT) -- Re-signed w/Steelers on 6/12; $8.8M/4-yrs; $2.1M SB.

Unrestricted Free Agents
Abdullah, Rabih (TB) -- Signed w/Bears on 3/6; 3-yrs; terms not disclosed.
Allen, James (CHI) -- Signed w/Texans on 3/15; $800K/1-yr; $200K SB.
Allen, Terry (BAL) -- Signed w/? on 7/23; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
Anderson, Jamal (ATL) -- Released on 6/3.
Ayanbadejo, Obafemi (BAL) -- Signed w/Dolphins; terms undisclosed.
Beasley, Fred (SF) -- Re-signed w/49ers on 3/8; $6.1M/4-yrs; $1.4M SB.
Bennett, Donnell (WAS)
Biakabutuka, Tshimanga (CAR) -- Released on 2/22.
Brookins, Jason (BAL) -- Signed w/Packers on 5/31; $675K/2-yrs.
Carter, Ki-Jana (WAS) -- Signed w/Packers on 6/19; $525K/1-yr.
Comella, Greg (NYG) -- Signed w/Titans on 4/18; $7M/5-yrs; $1M SB.
Dunn, Warrick (TB) -- Signed w/Falcons on 3/15; $24M/6-yrs; $6M SB.
Gash, Sam (BAL) -- Released on 2/28
Gay, Ben (CLE) -- Signed w/Colts on 4/30; terms undisclosed.
Harris, Derrick (SD)
Hearst, Garrison (SF) -- Re-signed w/49ers on 3/13; $20M/6-yrs; $3M SB.
Henderson, William (GB) -- Re-signed w/Packers on 3/1; $4.5M/4-yrs; $1.15M SB.
Hetherington, Chris (CAR) -- Signed w/Rams on 4/29; terms undisclosed.
Hicks, Skip (TEN) -- Re-signed w/Titans on 6/2; 4-yrs; terms undisclosed.
Holcombe, Robert (STL) -- Signed w/Titans on 5/23; $4.4M/4-yrs.
Huntley, Richard (CAR) -- Signed w/Bills on 6/4; terms undisclosed.
Jervey, Travis (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons on 4/9; $650K/1-yr.
Jordan, Randy (OAK) -- Re-signed w/Raiders on 3/29; $675K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Levens, Dorsey (GB) -- Signed w/Eagles on 7/12; $850K/1-yr.
Mitchell, Brian (PHI) -- Re-signed w/Eagles on 3/27; $750K/1-yr.
Montgomery, Joe (NYG) -- Signed w/Panthers on 3/1; terms not disclosed.
Morrow, Harold (MIN) -- Re-signed w/Vikings on 2/28; 3-yrs; terms not disclosed.
Pittman, Michael (AZ) -- Signed w/Buccaneers on 3/25; $8.75M/5-yrs; $1.75M SB.
Prentice, Travis (MIN) -- Signed w/Texans on 5/2; terms undisclosed.
Shelton, Daimon (CHI) -- Re-signed w/Bears on 4/2; $1.25M/2-yrs; $750K SB.
Smith, Antowain (NE) -- Re-signed w/Patriots on 3/1; $21M/5-yrs; $3M SB.
Smith, Detron (DEN) -- Signed w/Jaguars on 4/8; terms undisclosed.
Smith, Lamar (MIA) -- Signed w/Panthers on 3/19; $4.3M/3-yrs.
Strong, Mack (SEA) -- Re-signed w/Seahawks on 5/2; terms undisclosed.
Thomas, Rodney (ATL) -- Released on 6/3.
Watters, Ricky (SEA)
Williams, Moe (BAL) -- Signed w/Vikings on 5/17; terms undisclosed.
Witman, Jon (PIT) -- Released on 2/27.

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Wide Receivers

Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Carter, Jonathan (NYG) -- Re-signed w/Giants; $225K/1-yr.
Coleman, Chris (TEN) -- Re-signed w/Titans; $375K/1-yr.
Coleman, Fred (NE) -- Re-signed w/Patriots on 3/30; $300K/1-yr.
Farris, Jimmy (NE) -- Re-signed w/Patriots; $225K/1-yr.
Finneran, Brian (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons; $375K/1-yr.
Foster, Larry (DET)
Gibson, Damon (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars; $375K/1-yr.
Gilmore, Bryan (AZ) -- Re-signed w/Cardinals; terms undisclosed.
Haddad, Drew (IND) -- Re-signed w/Colts; $300K/1-yr.
Horsey, Corey (BAL)
Jackson, Lenzie (PIT)
Knight, Marcus (OAK) -- Re-signed w/Raiders; $300K/1-yr.
McDaniel, Jeremy (BUF) -- Re-signed w/Bills; $375K/1-yr.
McGeoghan, Phil (DEN)
Montgomery, Scottie (DEN) -- Re-signed w/Broncos; $375K/1-yr.
Murphy, Yo (STL) -- Re-signed w/Rams; $375K/1-yr.
Rambo, Ken-Yon (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/26; terms undisclosed.
Ross, Micah (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars on 3/18; $225K/1-yr.
Smith, Emanuel (JAX)
Sorensen, Nick (STL) -- Re-signed w/Rams; $300K/1-yr.
Sutherland, Vinny (SF) -- Re-signed w/49ers; $300K/1-yr.
Swinton, Reginald (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/26; terms undisclosed.
Williams, Randal (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/23; terms undisclosed.
Williams, Walter (NE) -- Re-signed w/Patriots; $300K/1-yr.

Restricted Free Agents
Bates, D'Wayne (CHI) -- Signed w/Vikings on 4/9; $2.85M/3-yrs.
Booker, Marty (CHI) -- Re-signed w/Bears on 6/21; $28M/4-yrs; $5.6M SB.
Brown, Na (PHI) -- Re-signed w/Eagles on 4/26; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
Driver, Donald (GB) -- Re-signed w/Packers on 4/12; $563K/1-yr.
Griffin, Damon (STL)
McGarity, Wane (NO)
Parker, Larry (KC) -- Re-signed w/Chiefs on 5/24; terms undisclosed.
Stokley, Brandon (BAL) -- Re-signed w/Ravens; $563K/1-yr.
Thompson, Derrius (WAS) -- Re-signed w/Redskins; $563K/1-yr.
Wilson, Robert (NO)

Unrestricted Free Agents
Alexander, Derrick (KC) -- Signed w/Vikings on 6/7; $5.1M/3-yrs.
Anthony, Reidel (TB) -- Signed w/Redskins on 3/1; $525K/1-yr.
Bates, Michael (WAS) -- Signed w/Panthers on 3/26; $650K/1-yr.
Bradford, Corey (GB) -- Signed w/Texans on 3/10; $5.25M/3-yrs; $1.8M SB.
Blackwell, Will (PIT) -- Released on 2/27.
Carter, Cris (MIN)
Chiaverini, Darrin (DAL) -- Signed w/Falcons on 7/2; terms undisclosed.
Crowell, Germane (DET) -- Re-signed w/Lions on 3/26; $7.5M/3-yrs; $1M SB.
Connell, Albert (NO) -- Released on 2/28.
Davis, Thabiti (NYG) -- Released on 6/11.
Dawkins, Sean (JAX) -- Signed w/Vikings on 4/25; $750K/1-yr.
Dwight, Tim (SD) -- Re-signed w/Chargers on 2/24; $15M/5-yrs; $5M SB.
Emanuel, Bert (DET)
Engram, Bobby (SEA) -- Re-signed w/Seahawks on 3/28; $575K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Freeman, Antonio (GB) -- Released on 6/3.
German, Jammi (CLE)
Graham, Jeff (ATL) -- Releasd on 7/12.
Green, Jacquez (TB) -- Signed w/Redskins on 3/16; $4.3M/3-yrs.
Hakim, Az-Zahir (STL) -- Signed w/Lions on 3/7; $16M/5-yrs; $5.25M SB.
Hatchette, Matthew (NYJ) -- Signed w/Raiders on 5/22; terms undisclosed.
Hayes, Donald (CAR) -- Signed w/Patriots on 3/12; $4M/2-yrs; $1M SB.
Ismail, Qadry (BAL) -- Signed w/Colts on 3/18; $4M/3-yrs; $1.25M SB.
Jackson, Curtis (NE) -- Signed w/Chiefs; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
Jackson, Willie (NO) -- Signed w/Falcons on 7/12; terms undisclosed.
Jacquet, Nate (MIN)
Johnson, Charles (NE) -- Signed w/Bills on 6/21; $650K/1-yr.
Johnson, Patrick (BAL) -- Signed w/Jaguars on 3/18; $525K/1-yr; $50K SB.
Jurevicius, Joe (NYG) -- Signed w/Buccaneers on 4/8; terms undisclosed.
Mathis, Terance (ATL) -- Signed w/Steelers on 6/13; $775K/1 yr; $25K SB.
McCardell, Keenan (JAX) -- Signed w/Buccaneers on 6/7; $10M/4-yrs; $2M SB.
Metcalf, Eric (WAS)
Milburn, Glyn (SD)
Moore, Herman (DET) -- Released on 6/3.
Moore, Rob (AZ) -- Signed w/Broncos on 3/18; $775K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Morton, Johnnie (DET) -- Signed w/Chiefs on 3/29; $25.7M/7-yrs; $5.5M SB.
Ogden, Jeff (MIA) -- Re-signed w/Dolphins on 4/3; $525K/1-yr.
Pathon, Jerome (IND) -- Signed w/Saints on 4/10; $10M/4-yrs; $1M SB.
Poole, Keith (TB) -- Released on 7/12.
Proehl, Ricky (STL) -- Re-signed w/Rams on 4/2; $775K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Reed, Jake (MIN) -- Signed w/Saints on 3/12; $775K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Sanders, Chris (TEN) -- Signed w/Browns on 3/28; $650K/1-yr.
Schroeder, Bill (GB) -- Signed w/Lions on 3/14; $6M/4-yrs; $2.5M SB.
Scott, Darnay (CIN) -- Signed w/Jaguars on 7/22; terms undisclosed.
Shaw, Bobby (PIT) -- Signed w/Jaguars on 4/3; $525K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Simmons, Tony (IND) -- Signed w/Texans on 3/27; terms undisclosed.
Westbrook, Michael (WAS) -- Signed w/Bengals on 7/3; $4.5M/3-yrs; $350K SB.
Williams, Karl (TB) -- Re-signed w/Buccaneers on 4/17; $2.1M/3-yrs.
Yeast, Craig (NYJ) -- Released on 5/10.

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Tight Ends

Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Crawford, Casey (CAR) -- Re-signed w/Panthers; $375K/1-yr.
Davenport, Joe Dean (IND)
Dearth, James (NYJ) -- Re-signed w/Jets on 5/29; $5.24M/8-yrs.
Dominguez, Matt (DEN) -- Re-signed w/Broncos; $300K/1-yr.
Flemister, Zeron (WAS) -- Re-signed w/Redskins; $375K/1-yr.
Hart, Lawrence (AZ)
Jones, John (BAL) -- Re-signed w/Ravens; $375K/1-yr.
Mitchell, Tywan (AZ) -- Re-signed w/Cardinals on 3/27; $375K/1-yr.
Monroe, Rodrick (CLE) -- Re-signed w/Browns; $375K/1-yr.
Moreland, Jake (CLE) -- Signed w/Texans on 3/12; terms undisclosed.
Prince, Ryan (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars; $300K/1-yr.
Rackley, Derek (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons; $375K/1-yr.
Swift, Justin (SF) -- Re-signed w/49ers on 3/16; $375K/1-yr.
Whalen, James (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/26; terms undisclosed.
Wilcox, Daniel (NYJ) -- Re-signed w/Jets; $300K/1-yr.
Williams, Eddie (NO) -- Re-signed w/Saints on 5/16; terms undisclosed.
Yoder, Todd (TB)

Restricted Free Agents
Campbell, Dan (NYG) -- Re-signed w/Giants on 4/9; $563,K/1-yr.
Clark, Desmond (DEN) -- Re-signed w/Broncos on 4/16; $1.227M/1-yr.
Cushing, Matt (PIT) -- Re-signed w/Steelers; $563K/1-yr.
Hall, Lamont (NO)
Heiden, Steve (SD) -- Re-signed w/Chargers on 4/3; $563K/1-yr.
Jackson, Sheldon (BUF) -- Re-signed w/Bills; $563K/1-yr.
Lucky, Mike (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys on 4/23; $563K/1-yr.
Tuman, Jerame (PIT) -- Re-signed w/Steelers; $563K/1-yr.
Weaver, Jed (MIA) -- Re-signed w/Dolphins on 3/30; $563K/1-yr.

Unrestricted Free Agents
Alexander, Stephen (WAS) -- Signed w/Chargers on 3/15; $15M/3-yrs; $3M SB.
Bartrum, Mike (PHI) -- Re-signed w/Eagles on 3/6; $650K/1-yr.
Battaglia, Marco (WAS) -- Signed w/Buccaneers on 3/18; $3M/3-yrs.
Binn, David (SD) -- Re-signed w/Chargers; $665K/1-yr; $15K SB.
Broughton, Luther (CAR) -- Signed w/Bears on 3/6; $550K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Bush, Steve (AZ) -- Re-signed w/Cardinals; $1.2M/2-yrs; $115K SB.
Chamberlain, Byron (MIN) -- Re-signed w/Vikings on 3/19; $8M/5-yrs; $1.7M SB.
Cleeland, Cameron (NO) -- Signed w/Patriots on 3/25; $525K/1-yr.
Clark, Greg (SF) -- Released on 2/27.
Davis, Tyrone (GB) -- Re-signed w/Packers on 4/24; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
Dilger, Ken (IND) -- Signed w/Buccaneers on 4/17; $3.34M/3-yrs; $800K SB.
Fauria, Christian (SEA) -- Signed w/Patriots on 3/17; $3.8M/3-yrs; $800K SB.
French, Rufus (GB) -- Released on 7/23.
Gonzalez, Tony (KC) Designated as "Franchise" free agent on 2/21.
Goodwin, Hunter (MIA) -- Signed w/Vikings on 4/19; $650K/1-yr.
Hardy, Terry (AZ)
Harris, Jackie (DAL) -- Released on 2/28.
Jones, Freddie (SD) -- Signed w/Cardinals on 3/18; $5.1M/3-yrs; $1.25M SB.
Jordan, Andrew (MIN)
Junkin, Trey (AZ)
Kozlowski, Brian (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons on 4/4; terms undisclosed.
McGee, Tony (CIN) -- Signed w/Cowboys on 4/27; $3M/3-yrs; $400K SB.
Mili, Itula (SEA) -- Re-signed w/Seahawks on 3/14; 3-yrs; terms not disclosed.
Mitchell, Johnny (NO) -- Re-signed w/Saints; $675K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Mitchell, Pete (DET) -- Signed w/Jaguars on 3/22; $650K/1-yr.
Moore, Dave (TB) -- Signed w/Bills on 3/11; $3.8M/3-yrs; $500K SB.
Ricks, Mikhael (KC) -- Signed w/Lions on 4/17; 1-yr; terms undisclosed.
Robinson, Jeff (STL) -- Signed w/Cowboys on 3/6; $4.8M/4-yrs; $850K SB.
Rutledge, Rod (NE) -- Signed w/Texans on 4/10; terms undisclosed.
Santiago, O.J. (CLE) -- Signed w/Vikings on 7/15; terms undisclosed.
Sharpe, Shannon (BAL) -- Signed w/Broncos on 4/12; terms undisclosed.
Sinceno, Kaseem (CHI) -- Signed w/Texans on 4/9; terms undisclosed.
Sloan, David (DET) -- Signed w/Saints on 4/3; $7.05M/4-yrs; $1.2M SB.
Wiggins, Jermaine (NE) -- Signed w/Colts on 5/14; $650K/1-yr.

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Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Cortez, Jose (SF)
Feely, Jay (ATL) -- Re-signed w/Falcons; $300K/1-yr.
Hilbert, Jon (DAL) -- Signed w/Bears on 3/15; $700K/2-yrs.
Holmes, Jaret (JAX) -- Re-signed w/Jaguars; $300K/1-yr.
Lindell, Rian (SEA) -- Re-signed w/Seahawks on 2/28; $375K/1-yr.
Seder, Tim (DAL) -- Re-signed w/Cowboys; $375K/1-yr.

Restricted Free Agents
Brown, Kris (PIT) -- Signed w/Texans on 3/25; $4.7M/4-yrs; $1M SB.
Dawson, Phil (CLE) -- Re-signed w/Browns on 4/26; 4-yrs; terms undisclosed.
Kight, Danny (BAL)

Unrestricted Free Agents
Andersen, Morten (NYG) -- Signed w/Chiefs on 3/25; $750K/1-yr.
Anderson, Gary (MIN)
Blanchard, Cary (AZ)
Carney, John (NO) -- Re-signed w/Saints on 3/12; $775K/1-yr; $25K SB.
Christie, Steve (SD) -- Re-signed w/Chargers on 3/29; $750K/1-yr.
Elam, Jason (DEN) Designated as "Franchise" free agent on 2/21.
Hollis, Mike (JAX) -- Signed w/Bills on 4/18; $650K/1-yr.
Peterson, Todd (KC) -- Signed w/Steelers on 3/25; $3.925M/4-yrs; $600K SB.
Vinatieri, Adam (NE) -- Re-signed w/Patriots on 3/15; $5.375M/3-yrs.

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