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Serving Fantasy Owners Since 1993. ...
After eight full seasons in the Fantasy information biz, the TFL Report's goals haven't changed drastically from what they were back on day one: Basically, the TFL Report is dedicated to providing readers the best Fantasy-specific information available anywhere.

Of course, there will be subtle changes.

Heading into 2002, the TFL Report will continue to emphasize the role technology -- or more specifically, the innovative use of technology -- plays in the process of delivering information.

From the very beginning, the TFL Report has set the industry standard in terms of developing inventive methods for delivering content. But there was a brief spell when the focus shifted towards refining that content. Something I believe we've done successfully.

Which of course, means it's time to make sure everybody and their mother accesses those materials.

The Revolution Is Already Underway!

The TFL Report has continued to set new standards in the Fantasy info industry by using dynamic, data-driven pages that offer visitors customized content based on pre-defined preferences in order to give our readers exactly, and only, the content they're after.

Sound exciting? You betcha!

Check out our Headline News page to get a feel for the concept.

Those of you who received your first TFL Report via US Mail rather than e-mail have come to learn that even though we haven't always been perfect, we have consistently come out on top whenever we've made this kind of "major commitment" in the past.

Sure. ... We'll have to overcome some hitches along the way. ... But when the smoke clears, it's safe to assume things will work as promised.

Shout Outs. ...

As you might guess there are people who deserve kudos for enduring the ups and downs that have gone hand in hand with a tendency to let my mouth write checks that my a** hasn't always been able to cash.

For me at least, the relationships developed over the years seem to transcend what you might consider traditional business relationships.

And that's because these relationships were forged by customers standing behind me and continuing to support me despite the fact that as often as not they're the ones left holding the short end of the stick when my plans go awry. And for the record, that stick has been mighty short at times. ...

Thanks for your support guys. You know who you are.

I'll also note that 2002 will mark the TFL Report's sixth season as the "Official Online News And Information Site" for Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc.

And the bottom line is there wouldn't be a TFL Report right now if FSP's Emil Kadlec and Bill Robertson hadn't been so supportive. ...

So. ... Who The Heck Is Bob Harris?

And perhaps more importantly, why the heck should you listen to him? Well. ... I reckon an introduction of some sort is in order, so here we go. ...

My name is Bob Harris. I've served as Editor and Webmaster since founding the TFL Report back in 1993.

After spending my first two seasons working in the relative comfort and security provided by total obscurity, things began to change in 1995.

That was the year I established myself as an honest-to-gosh "Fantasy Expert" by winning Fantasy Sports Publication's "Master's Forecast." And even though I was officially disqualified for failing to maintain "exclusivity," the TFL Report entry also came out on top in Fantasy Football Index magazine's "Exclusive Experts Poll" that same year.

I've become a popular guest on radio programs across the country starting with a season-long stint as a weekly regular on the Fantasy Football Fever Hour broadcast by Florida's WINZ radio back in 1993. In 1994 I pulled season long duty as a weekly regular on the Jimmy Cole Show which aired on KFMN Radio in Louisiana.

In 1997 I was the official "Fantasy Expert" for the Steve Czaban Show, carried by the 1 On 1 Sports Network, providing insight and opinion while taking calls from listeners in more than 100 cities across the nation every Thursday morning. I was also the sole Fantasy expert invited to appear on Bob Kemp's 1997 Fantasy Football Special broadcast over the same network in August of that year.

During the 1999 season I could be heard throughout the northwest during semi-regular spots on The Dave Shore Show, which was broadcast weekly by SportsRadio 910, "The Fan," in Portland, Oregon.

And of course, I've made a number of guest appearances on Sam and Adam Caplan's ground-breaking Fantasy Football Radio Show and Webcast since 1998. The Caplan's show is not only heard on the radio in the Philadelphia area but it's also broadcast world-wide over the Internet using RealAudio technology. ...

World-wide? Now that's enough to get a man's wheels turning.

A Webcast? Yeah. ... That's the ticket. ... A Webcast.

You gotta hand it to the Caplans, they truly came up with a winning idea. It was such a good idea that before too long every Fantasy expert, guru and idiot with an Internet connection had Webcasts of their own.

I should know. I was one of them. ...

The TFL Report Webcast made its debut last August 27, 1999.

I encourage you to give a listen to a sample of last year's show with co-host Greg Kellogg, a well-known Fantasy guru and former Fan Ex league champion. Just click here now to find out what it's all about.

A final note on this one... I'd like to thank both Sam and Adam Caplan. They could have been snooty about everybody trying to cash in on their idea, but that wasn't the case. They more than willing to help me get started and I appreciate it.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Good question. ... After battling against the best for three seasons as a member of the Fan Ex league, I felt like it was time to move on and give somebody else a chance to get their a** kicked on a regular basis. As a result, I resigned from Fan Ex in March of 1999.

Since then, I've managed to stoke my competitive fires by going up against some pretty heavy hitters (many of them current and former Fan Ex owners) in a number of online league's including The Huddle's SOFA Web War 2001, Red Eye Sports' Red Eye Masters League as well as Bob Scheckman's Cool Bear Invitational League.

In addition to making the playoffs in two of those leagues, I also outwitted and outlasted a host of nationally known experts in first annual Survivor Draft held by FootballGuys.com.

As has been the case for the last five years, you'll be able to view my work in four preseason publications: Fantasy Football CheatSheets, Fantasy Football Draftbook, Fantasy Football Experts Poll and, of course, Fantasy Football Pro Forecast magazine.

And in 2001, I started writing a weekly Fantasy column -- The Back Page -- for CNN/SI. Check out our Articles page for links to the Back Page, which will continue to run through the 2002 offseason.

And last, but by no means least, I'm also a regular contributor to Joe Bryant and David Dodds' FootballGuys.com, one of the Internet's most popular free Fantasy Football sites!

But if you'd like to see what I really do and maybe get an idea of why you might want to consider listening to what I've got to say about Fantasy football, why don't you go ahead and get a look at my work on the TFL Report Headline News page and on the best premium information service in the industry, the FlashUpdate.

Good luck this season. ...

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